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Monday Jan.2, 2006

Dear Mr. Wachtel,

Thank you so very much for a most inspiring, uplifting, absolutely special-in-every-way performance last night. What made my attendance particularly interesting was the fact that my friend, Mrs. Pearl, who is 86 years old was right beside me enjoying every minute of the show. Mrs. Pearl is unfortunately suffering from Alzheimer’s and is aware of the fact that “she doesn’t even remember what she forgot!” On a sad, but humorous note-I made sure to tell her about the concert only thirty minutes before I was prepared to leave, because I figured that would provide her with adequate time to stay focused, get dressed and wait to be picked up. One half hour later, when I called Mrs. Pearl, she had completely forgotten why she was dressed and changed into her pajamas…about to go to bed. I adamantly insisted that she re-dress and join me. Needless to say, she was quite annoyed, but I promised her that she wouldn’t regret it! For the second time that evening, Mrs. Pearl changed into her best suit and shoes with a fair measure of confusion and kvetching.

Two minutes into your show, Mrs. Pearl was transformed. She held onto your every word as though you were talking to her alone. Every time you sat down to play a piece on the piano, she would turn to me and marvel, “Would you just look at him play? It’s amazing!” I knew Mrs. Pearl would have a spectacular time and she absolutely proved me right. I think that your story inspired Mrs. Pearl in particular as her own daughter died while giving birth (about nineteen years ago). To this day, it is difficult for her to understand how this could happen. When you spoke about your dear son, Pinchas, I think she was able to accept your words more than she ever could from anyone else.

When we drove home, she thanked me over and over again. Twice that night she called me to spell out G-e-r-s-h-o-n W-a-c-h-t-e-l so that she could write it down and “never forget the absolutely, gorgeous, special show”.

On the same date as your concert, in the morning, I visited with a recently widowed woman. Heartbroken, she shared with me a letter her husband had written to her when he already “knew”. His words: “I have always loved you. I will wait for you.” When I saw that, I thought about who should be waiting for whom. When one lives with Moshiach as a reality, the message is transformed to “we are waiting for you”. How much more encouraging!

May we be zocheh to the geulah, when we will know no more pain and suffering and experience revealed good forever more.

With appreciation and best wishes,

Chani Perman

Schneur Z.Oirechman FL
Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2006 7:31 PM
To: achdus@Shluchimexchange.com
Subject: ACHDUS: Gershon Wachtel-An Amazing program

Just had Gershon Wachtel in honor of Yud Aleph Nissan, he was truly amazing. His program is much more than a piano concert, he basically tells his life story in between fabulous piano music. He is funny, he is very emotional. There was no dry eye in the crowd. The themes of the program were:

  • You can be frum, a Lubavitcher and be worldly, funny and talented.
  • He spoke about Mesiras nefesh-all that he gave up, career-wise, in order to be frum.
  • He spoke about his son's death at Gan Israel and the Emunah involved in surviving it.
  • It was really a course in how to deal with problems.

Everyone could relate with it. It was the first program that EVERY person attending said it was our BEST program, and he is really affordable. I really suggest you bring him to your town, it will be a very successful peulah. You can contact him at gershon@gershonpiano.com or (905) 886-6527.

We did the program in a hotel, but I think you could do it in a Chabad House or even in someone's house. To fund it, we had sponsors. This would also be a great idea for someone who wants to do something special for a Yahrzeit.

Let me sum it up: If there is someone whom you only have one chance to have come to your event, THIS IS THE EVENT.

Schneur Z. Oirechman, Tallahassee, Florida
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19th Sivan 5764
June 8th

Dear Gershon
Just a short note to thank you again for a most wonderful performance.

I must say that you are one of the most gifted and talented people I have had the privilege to meet. I shall always cherish your visit to Wimbledon, and I thank you for inspiring me and my community.

Although we are geographically distant, and I have had only 24 hours to get to know you, I feel that we have much in common. I look forward to our continued friendship.

Have a safe journey home and please give my best regards to your wife and family.

May Hashern bless you. that you continue to inspire us all - in good health.

Very best wishes

Nissan Dovid Dubov
Wimbledon, U.K

September 23, 2005

Hello Gershon,
I was the guy that came after the concert to thank you for baring your soul in the manner that you did. My wife and I were extremely emotionally touched by your presentation. Although you said that you were not looking for sympathy and that is not what this message is about, when you played the "why did you go in the water?" piece of music (prayer?), it tore at our heart strings.

Going to a concert and listening to technique, touch, feeling etc etc but as a spectator, from the outside looking in, is one matter and that is what usually happens. This was something very different; I have never heard any recital (and I have attended many concerts of all sorts of music played by all sorts of great orchestras and soloist musicians) that achieved the level of emotional cry directly from the heart, that we were a part of last Wednesday evening.

Your piano and the sounds that you coax from it are much more than melody and counterpoint, Wow ! Your piano gives you a means of communication at an emotional level that I have never before encountered.

I don't easily cry, and especially at musical concerts, however, it was difficult not to be all choked-up when that music ended. It was a profound experience and I thank you.

Please let me know when and where you will be performing from time to time.


Michael Ruskin
Microdea Inc.

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Feedback from Concert in S. Diego 03/22/2006

It was totally awesome! I enjoyed every minute of it!! Thanks so much for bringing him down. How much does he cost? (just curious for other Chabad houses). My grandmother really enjoyed the evening as well!

Yasher Koach!

Sorah Leah

Dear Yossi,

thank you so much for having this event in our community. last night was one of the best classic nights I ever experienced in Chabbad. I highly respect you and your wife to do this and to be an example to all of us to help us see the wonders of G-D. Gershon was very dear and I liked his kinder spirit, I will for sure go to hear him again. with many thanks,

I think it was brilliant, and I don't think I've ever seen anyone's fingers move quite so quickly. I do wish he played more of the "Kiss Me Kate" song, but I'd probably be one of very few people there who would've known what that is. It is a great song. Seriously though, it was wonderful, and I think more events like that would be great, especially if they all have a specific theme to go along with the event.

Gershon Wachtel was outstanding. The music was superb and his commentary very moving.We would come to future events, preferably on a Sat or Sun evening.

Elisheva Green

Dear Rabbi Bryski,

The concert was amazing. Gershon has an unusual talent. I liked the way we he mixed music and talking about himself. I usually don't like to stay up very late at night, but I didn't mind for this special event.


Absolutely high quality spiritual experience. We believe the choice was excellent. I was moved beyond words. Very sensitive, spiritual person, incredible pianist. His words and music, were truly touching. We could have listened for hours. As soon as we got home, I went to his site and still listened a few of his interpretations, but it is not the same. Yes we would look forward for another event. I think everyone left the place with high spirits. For sure the soul of your son was there and elevated to higher dimensions with all our loving thoughts and positive energy.
Rosa & Mayir Adato

Dear Rabbi Bryski,
> I thought the concert was perfect in every way.......
> Judy

Thank you so much to you and Shterni, to Gershon and to everyone involved in last night's program. It was so far beyond a mere "concert"!! What an amazing thing to hear about how you (Bryskis and Gershon) have managed not only to go on after such unthinkable tragedies but to use the experience for positive change. And then to take your message out into the world through events like this, the mitzvah forms we filled in, and so on.

The only thing I can think of to say is to hope and pray that the rest of us never have to find out if we have such strength.

Chazak, chazak!!!



The concert as OUTSTANDING. His performance was beyond incredible. It was a beautiful tribute to your son, z"l, and for your family. Besides being in SERIOUS dental pain, I'm not sorry I came.

I am wondering, when you say "similar" what kind of things you are thinking of, because if it was of this caliber, I'd be seriously interested, but if it was not an activity that appealed, I may not.

I didn't know what to expect, and came largely to "be there" for you and Shterni and show my love and support for your challenges. So, it was a SURPRISE that it was THAT good.

I could have listened and watched him play for another hour, with no problem!

Thanks for including me.

Dear Rabbi and Shterni Bryski,
You taught a beautiful lesson this evening...finding the joy of life even after the most unimaginable of tragedies. Thank you for presenting each of us with this gift

Fellow Shluchim,

This is my first time posting a recommendation for a speaker/performer. And I know that if you follow through and take this guy, you will not stop thanking me!

Gershon Wachtel came to S. Diego last night to mark the first Yartzeit of our son. My wife and I were very nispoel from his dedication to Yiddishkeit despite his difficulties.

Apparently, based on the community feedback after the concert, he has DEEPLY inspired all 150 people in the crowd. Literally EVERY person that came was BLOWN AWAY by his Temimus and the sacrifices for Yiddishkeit he has made in his life. They are shocked that he is not making tens of thousands of dollars for his shows.

Chevre, he is TOP-NOTCH! He has perfected his performance without losing the aidelkeit and sincerity he is known for. Thank you SO MUCH, Dovid Tiechtel, for taking the time to post a recommendation on Shluchim Achdus. I saw it less than a month before the Yartzeit and booked him on the spot.

Feel free to call or email me if you want my honest report on this tremendous success.

Date Sent: 1/2/2006 12:52:53 AM EST
Name: Meshullam Hirsch
Email: meshullamisrael2000@yahoo.com
Subject: Piano Concert of Gershon Wachtel


My wife and I want to thank Chabad for organizing the piano concert of Mr. Gershon Wachtel. We want to thank Mr. Wachtel especially for sharing the personal insights of his life and his virtuosity.

We thank him most of all, though, for the gift he gave us this last night of Chanukah. It was, like prayer, a service of the heart.

King David sang, "There was no sound, there were no words," so I felt the Voice of Ha-Shem speaking into my own life and resonating in my soul. We saw the colors Gershon's agile fingers painted on the keys, creating landscapes of kingdoms in time and the passage of souls.

Gershon art takes him to places only he can go, and he brings back sentiments of those realms. Tonight he brought us with him.

Dear Gershon:

Prior to last night, I thought that I knew the man under the ever-present black fedora. But, I was wrong. I had not been privy to many-faceted character that is Gershon Wachtel. Last night, I met a handsome, warm, eloquent speaker and an incredibly talented performer.

Thank you for a wonderful evening and a most welcome revelation.

Harry Sultz


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July 6, 2004

Just a brief note to say a big "Yasher Koach" and to express my warm appreciation of your visit to London a few weeks ago.

(Firstly, as Gabbai, I am grateful for the way in which you "accepted" Maftir and Mussaff without any fuss - something most unusual in Chabad circles!).

The evening with you at The Arts Club was truly inspirational and moving in the extreme. Even my usually restless son, fifteen year old Sholem, didn't move a muscle. My wife couldn't be there, - she was flying to visit our daughter in Montreal at the time. However, we have since watched the video together, and she was simply mesmerized. Your stunningly beautiful music, and your ability to communicate with such depth - both through the music itself and verbally --- was something that I found truly magical and absolutely unforgettable. You should know that, together with everyone privileged to be present, I derived tremendous chizzuk from the whole experience.

May Hashem bless you and your family In all things, begeshem uv'ruach, and may you continue to be blessed with the koach to do so much good, bringing true Nachas to the Rebbe z"ya.

With many thanks again and all my very warmest good wishes to you and yours,

Freddy Hager